Saturday, May 24, 2008

Family Love

So, today I felt very unloved. As we were headed out as a family for dinner and ice cream, we made a stop for gas. David was filling the tank and I hear from the backseat: (Jade) "I miss my Daddy. I only want Daddy cause I don't like Mommy." (Amber) "Jade! That is so rude! We still like Mommy even if we like Daddy more!" What the heck??? I can expect that from Jade, but never from Amber! David and I discovered the reason.....I made Amber clean her room today. What a Evil Mommy I am! David more than made up for the lack of love I was feeling by taking me ice skating tonight for date night. I've been begging him to take me forever and he always said he hates it, but he suprised me and was a really good sport about it, too! I love you, David!

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Fawn said...

haha! don't you just feel so special when you hear things like that come out of your kids mouths? I always ask gunnar if he loves mom, and he always thinks for a sec, and then says- "no. but I love daddy" great, huh?
How fun you got to go ice skating!
oh- and I mislead you the other day in my blog. I posted the first half of my night, and then you posted a comment on it before I could post the rest of my night. So- you might want to go back and read the second half. Sorry! =0)