Sunday, May 25, 2008

Dog Park and More Motorcycles

Look!!! I'm riding a motorcycle! Okay, it's electric and mini....but I'm riding it! And I didn't crash or anything! Ha! David's been begging me to try and ride, and I've always vehemently refused. And for good reason! I have a big ol' burn from his Harley on my calf. But I did it! Hooray!! I didn't even dump Amber off the back! I totally deserve a cookie....

We also took Milo-Boy to the dog park this afternoon. We found a good family for him since we can't bring him back to Arizona with us (airline temperature restrictions). They've come to visit him at our place so he can get used to them, and today they met us at the dog park. The kids all had fun chasing him around and Milo enjoyed being the center of attention. Sunday afternoons are so nice! I'm so glad we have the 8am church time!

I really love this last picture. The girls look so free. I like watching them run with Milo. It reminds me of playing with my childhood dogs. Of swimming for hours and hours everyday from March through October. My girls can run as long as I can swim. And I'm grateful for that because I've never been able to run for long and I'm glad that they can. I'd have to classify today in the random "really really great day" file. I love Sunday afternoons! Especially since I get the day off tomorrow! Nobody call me before 8am HST! Totally not joking! =)

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Fawn said...

look at Lissa on a motorcycle! You go girl! you are much braver than me, because I am too chicken to even get on one. Even if it is little. It doesn't help that I haven't even ridden a bike for like 10 years. But anyway, looks like you had tons of fun! Your girls are getting so big!