Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Still Retarded

I swear...sometimes I don't know how I function on a day to day basis. This morning I put in my hours for Uhaul at home, then I got dressed and we went on a family walk/bike ride. When we got home, I did the dishes, got my stuff together and went to work at the daycar center. When I got there, I realized I never changed from my flips into my tennis shoes. Hahahaha! So I found the lady in charge of our schedules and told her what I did. She found someone to cover me and sent me home for the day. It's okay. I'm not in trouble. I had her laughing about my retarded pregnant brain. Man, I'm dumb sometimes! But at least I got a free day off with my family.


ballerina girl said...

You are so funny! I can't believe that you showed up a whole week early to your doctors appointment- but then again I can because it sounds like something I could have done when preggers!

Reiko said...

At least you don't get lost for 2 hours with a screaming kid in the back trying to find the doctors office....... Just think only 54 days to go!