Monday, June 8, 2009

My Wonderful Helpful Husband

For the past couple weeks, David has been home with the girls 24/7. He's on leave and since I'm now working 2 jobs, he has been extremely helpful. Here's a list of some of the things he's done just from last week and today. Keep in mind that 90% of this stuff I didn't expect or even ask for! And he didn't tell me any of it. So I don't know if this list is even close to how much he's done.

-Finished painting our bedroom. This included moving the desk, cleaning out under the desk, taking down pictures, rehanging the pictures, putting off and then back on light/outlet covers, cleaning the paint equipment up and putting it all back in the garage.
-Moved and sorted laundry.
-Dishes at least 3 times
-Had dinner ready when I got home from work twice.
-Helped the girls clean up the family room.
-Didn't let me move a bookcase and did it himself.
-Mowed the front and back yards 2-3 times each (our grass was really really long in patches and had be gone over again and again).
-Painted a small dresser I'm using as a changing table and moved it into Paisley's room. All this painting is extremely impressive considering how much David HATES to paint!
-Cleaned out the garage.
-Took the girls out for a day of fun at our local free water park. He even packed them a picnic lunch.
-Refilled the dog food container. I know this sounds like a small job...but trust me...every little bit helps right now! Darn dog food bags are heavy!!
-Went with me to register at Target for baby stuff. All it took was forking over the zapper and he was a happy camper! It did take a lot of convincing to NOT zap a big screen TV though. Hahaha!
-Went with me to the BEST used children's store ever (Once Upon A Child) without complaint and even picked out some school clothes for the girls.
-Registered Jade for Kindergarten.
-Let me go to Lowe's to buy new handles for the dresser I'm using as a changing table even though he thinks it's dumb I'm doing things like this already. For some reason he thinks I should wait till a week or two before Paisley is born to have everything ready....
-He was very supportive through a temper tantrum I had this weekend and would have been okay with whatever I decided I wanted or didn't want to do.
-Didn't complain when I bought the girls a pair of shoes each for school at Payless. He even helped Amber find a pair that she liked and he approved of.

All these things sure adds up! I'm so grateful for the support David has given me over the years. And especially over the last week. I don't know what I'd do without him! Thank you, sweetie!

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ballerina girl said...

Good man, good man. I think he and my husband would get along great, they sound a lot alike! Going to Utah anytime soon? I haven't seen you for forever!