Sunday, October 4, 2009

Some September and October Fun

It's been 2 1/2 weeks with 10 people in my house now and I'm loving it! Tai and I have gotten some sewing projects done and will be starting some new ones shortly. We take turns cooking and cleaning and the kids have been getting along pretty well. Amber, Logan and Jade have a hard time sometimes, but so far problems have been minimal. Thank goodness for that! Here's some fun things that have been going on.....Sweet baby Paisley talking to her daddy
Jocy holding Paisley
David's super cool hair-don't

Jocy carrying Tiny
For some reason Jocy cries ever time I sit at the table with her in the morning.....
Tai working on Rai's dress
One of Paisley's cute poncho's I made for the winter. And cute pants to match. Hahaha!
Paisley is super spoiled and wants to be held and snuggled all day. Obviously that's not possible so David came up with this solution. The bottom pillow is curved to make her feel like she's laying on someone. The 2 pillows on the sides and to make her feel like she's being snuggled (and also to prevent her from falling off the bottom pillow). It actually works pretty well. Silly girl!

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Lani said...

I love the snuggle-solutions for Paisley, awesome!