Friday, October 30, 2009

Weekly Update

I haven't really had anything to write about lately. Life here just passes one day at a time pretty much the same thing every day. Amber and Jade continue to do well in school and Paisley keeps growing and learning new things all the time. I went to the girls' parent-teacher conferences last week. Apparently Amber's in the year-end 3rd grade reading level already. They also took the math final for the end of the year back in August and she scored a 77% without being exposed to any of the math beforehand. Her teacher is going to have her tested for the gifted program. Smarty-pants! Jade is progressing nicely as well. For those who don't know, she's always had trouble remembering letters for some reason. She couldn't remember 2 letters at the same time for longer than 10 seconds. But she now knows all the letters, most of their sounds, and can spell/read simple words (go, like, can, cat, see, Jade, etc). She's also pretty decent in math. Hooray Jade! Paisley has been copying my facial expressions lately. I'll stick my tongue out a few times while she watches intently. Pretty soon, out pops a cute baby tongue! And then she smiles and giggles about it. She also opens her mouth wide open for kisses. She reminds me of a baby bird and her mascot has become an owl. Paisley loves talking to the birds on her swing and enjoys the jumper for a few minutes at a time. She's just such a friendly thing and will smile and smile at anyone who gives her the time of day. We all love her to pieces! I've been trying to get dresses sewn. I've made all three girls a couple dresses for church. Right now I'm working on their Christmas dresses. Then I need to make Amber and Jade warm winter dresses, Christmas pajamas for all of them, and a couple other things for the older girls. I'm starting to feel the Christmas crunch and it's not quite Halloween! Hahaha! Enjoy the pics!

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