Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Family Pictures!

It's that time of year again when I have to drag my unwilling family to some pretty spot around the neighborhood and force them to smile nice for the camera just on the off-chance we can get a few shots of everyone actually looking in the same direction. Is that really so much to ask for? Apparently in my family it is. I got everyone cleaned up and looking nice and off we went. Yeah. We didn't even take one picture before Jade was whining. She claimed her eyes were tired. Hmmm... So as she threw fit after fit, David started being grouchy. Yes, David. I think we got 2 pictures with no one visibly crying. That was it. Jade was off, David was off. So I asked Tai to take a few of me, Amber, and Paisley. And then some of me with each girl. I really wanted some of David and me, but he left the park early. Poophead! But I think the ones Tai got are pretty great.
On our way home, we were entering into my area of the neighborhood when a bunch of cop cars pulled up right in front of us. Amber and Logan were walking ahead of Tai and I and Jade was still across the street waiting for the cop cars to pass. Oh....and then a couple cops pulled out their guns and started yelling at some guy in the truck right by Amber and Logan. Ummmm....let's turn around guys! After much convincing, Tai and I finally got Amber and Logan to listen to us and walk away. We had to take the long way home and now I have blisters on my foot. =(


Tai said...

Yeah! I am commenting! I did do a great job on your pictures didn't I !!!?? :) I think we still got some good ones even with all the drama!

Tera Amsbury said...

Melissa, you look just beautiful! My brother is a bone-head.

Lani said...

That's quite the adventure for a picture outing! Looks like you still got some great pics!