Friday, November 27, 2009

Our Fun Thanksgiving

This year we had Thanksgiving dinner at my Dad and Jami's house. The company was fun, the food was great, and the girls had fun beating up Nana (Jami) with foam swords. I'm making another Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday for us and Tai's family. After dinner we'll be putting up the Christmas tree. Fun, fun!The girls enjoyed the appetizers.
David enjoyed watching the turkey get carved.
Jade decided she wanted bangs. Instead of asking me, she just cut them herself. I didn't notice till Wednesday as I fixed her hair for school. I didn't have time to fix them then so she had to wait till Thursday. Yeah....I sent her to school with weird short flippy things in front of her head.
I fixed my hair for Thanksgiving. I thought it deserved a picture.Poor Paisley fell asleep while I was fixing my hair.

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