Tuesday, October 5, 2010


When you're born and raised in Arizona, little things like hail should seriously be celebrated. Since all 5 of us were, in fact, born and raised here (minus the 3 years we spent in Hawaii - another state with little to no hail....), today's hailstorm was an exciting event. It started this morning while Amber and Jade were at school. It was raining, the lightning took out the satellite, thus interupting David's Cold Case show, and then we noticed the rain was rather loud. After a little investigating, David came back inside and reported pellet-sized hail. Cool! When Amber and Jade got home, they told me how awesome the hail was and how their teacher's let them hang out under the porch just outside their classrooms to see it. Then, while getting dinner ready, all 3 girls were playing in the rain when I heard them all start screaming! It was mostly, "GET THE BABY! GRAB PAISLEY! RUUUUN!!!" Yeah, the hail started again. And instead of being little pellets, they were big ol' chunks of ice! When it finally stopped, all 3 girls went back outside to check out the ice balls piled in the yard. They thought it was pretty cool. Paisley kept eating them and after much reassurance that she wouldn't die from eating hail, Amber and Jade finally stopped yelling at her and trying to shove her into the house. What a fun day!
Amber with a handful of 1/2 melted hail

Pie checking out the ice

Jade getting in the action

Sweet Paisley stomping/eating ice chunks

BIG hail!

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