Saturday, October 16, 2010

Are You Sick of Them Yet??

Cause I'm getting a little bit tired of sewing the same costume over and over and over again. My poor Bo Peep/Little Red pattern has definately seen better days. But besides these two staples in my costume orders, I also have some fun ones. This past week I've completed an indian, pirate, Tinkerbell, a Musketeer (it was sent to Canada!) Wicked Witch, Dorothy, Paisley's clown, and Amber and Jade's fairy costumes. Next up - 3 Glinda's (one family has 3 girls and they are the witch, Dorothy, and one of the Glinda's), 2 more Bo's, Ariel's pink dress, and a lady in Hawaii ordered a ball gown - I'm assuming it's for a military function.


Tera Amsbury said...

you are such a good seamstress. Next year when I can afford it, I will order some costumes from you for all my kids!

Mostly Diane said...

these are amazing!! Good job at successfully starting a business.