Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Last Swim Day

It's bittersweet to say goodbye to summer. I really wish we could have enjoyed having a pool more this year, but the week after Pie's b-day party, the storms blew a super horrible chlorine-resistant mustard algae into the water. Apparently, it's common enough here in Az, but not common enough to be tested for at pool shops. So, after weeks of frustration, over $200 worth of chemicals wasted, countless hours of sweeping/vacuuming/backwashing, I FINALLY got our landlord to do something about it. Kenny the pool guy came and fixed the pool. It took him 2 weeks to get it to even start clearing up! And he's a professional! After the first week (he super-cholorinated it twice that week) of nothing happening, he was quite concerned. But after super-chlorinating it twice more the next week, the green finally gave a bit and started clearing up. Thank goodness! It took another week for the water to be clear enough to get my okay to swim again. So we all hopped in last Saturday evening. And while we were in, the weather changed! It must have dropped 10-15 degrees in the hour we were in the water and it hasn't warmed back up since. At least we got one last swim in.....
Thankfully, Pie still enjoyed swimming

Jade still remembered how to swim underwater

I still looked cute in a swimsuit =)

Paisley still jumped off the steps to get to Daddy

And Amber's still a nut. Haha

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