Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

We had a fun New Year's Eve here at home. David took Amber and Jade to see "We Bought A Zoo" during naptime, then came to pick the rest of us girls up and headed to Target to spend the girls' Christmas moolah. Amber and Jade ended up not having enough $$ for what they wanted, so they are saving up. Paisley bought some play-doh and I helped Shyla pick out a cute puppy toy. Once home, David helped me make our traditional chow-mein dinner. We then had fun with sparklers and firecrackers while the girls had unlimited access to all treats in the house. Paisley probably ate about 1/3 of the big bag of M&M's I opened up. haha She didn't want to hold a sparkler and she hid behind Jade in the "car" during our firecracker show. Silly kid. She got to stay up till 8:30 - lucky girl! Jade played her new computer game and Amber played on the laptop. David and I watched Star Wars. And we all made it to midnight - well, except Paisley and Shyla, of course!
We can buy firecrackers in any store here, but we're not allowed to set them off in Peoria city limits. We do anyways. lol

Church moved to 1pm this year so I have an extra 2 hours to get myself and all 4 girls showered and ready. We totally would have been on time, too, but David likes to wait for the last minute to get ready and then underestimates how long it will take him to dress. *sigh* At least I did my part! We only stayed for sacrament meeting and that was enough for me. Maybe next week I'll be able to make it through all 3 hours.... After church, the girls - and even David - helped me "kill Christmas" and now our house looks so empty. Paisley very kindly shared her now one-color play-doh with Amber and Jade. And that's how we started the new year here. =)
Jade was snuggling Shyla before bed, and apparently Shyla was hungry. She actually "bit" Jade and tried to nurse! Hahaha

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Lani said...

I'm super impressed that you're already out and about! Shyla looks like a doll snuggling with Jade :) Happy New Year!