Friday, June 15, 2012


This morning, we dropped David's car off to get some work done on it and on the way back home, David asked if I had any ideas on what to do today. I suggested a hike. It took awhile to get going, but away we went! But first, David gave Jade and Paisley a ride on his Harley. After sitting on our carport for a year and 1/2, we finally got it all fixed up, registered, insured, and street legal yesterday. It needed a new battery, to be flushed, fuel injector cleaner, new front tire, oil change, and a really good scrub. But it's soooo pretty again now!

For our hike, we headed west to the White Tank Mountains "Waterfall Trail". There was no waterfall, but there was shade and a cool breeze. David, Jade, and Paisley had fun climbing up the dry waterfall while Amber freaked out about the handful of wasps flying around (none of which even stopped to inspect her...) and Shyla cooled down with a bottle of juice.

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