Sunday, June 3, 2012

First Week of Summer

Our first week of summer was hot. Hot. Hot. Hot. Ridiculously hot. Did I mention it was hot?? lol However, we didn't let that stop our fun. David worked Sunday-Tuesday and the girls and I didn't do much of anything as I was recovering from a dumb sinus infection. But we sure made up for our laziness the rest of the week!
Wednesday: I had an early morning dr appt, then when I got home, we headed to the Phoenix Zoo. It was hot. And all the animals were either sleeping or not even out. But we still managed to have fun! The girls wore their swimsuits which got plenty wet at the splashpad. I even took Shyla under the little waterfall to cool her down.
 We found this area with all these cool sculptures. The girls had fun posing with them.

  I did put sunscreen on Shyla, but not in her hair. So when Paisley handed me her hat, I put it on Shyla to protect that red-head.
 Funny girls cooling down under a mister.

Thursday: We started the day with breakfast at Mimi's Cafe. Afterwards, I took Amber (and Shyla) to her orthodontic consult (which was stupid cause the ortho wasn't even scheduled to be in that day!!! Yet I got 3 reminder calls and an email to confirm my appt. Lame.) while David took Jade and Paisley with him to do court runs and a couple serves. Amber had a dr's appt right after lunch (thankfully, David was home by this point so I was able to put both little girls down for a nap before taking Amber), then we headed to Mesa for Hunter's bday party at Amazing Jake's. Soooo much fun!!! We all had fun riding the rides and playing laser tag! Jade's a big cheater at laser tag, btw. She kept walking right behind me where I couldn't see her and shooting my vest. Over and over. I think she basically just followed me around the whole time! haha
 David showing us, once again, just how silly he is!
 She's so happy to see you!
 My bum didn't fit in the seat! Talk about uncomfortable! lol
 Paisley LOVED all the rides! On the teacups she kept telling me, "Faster, Mommy! Faster!" while giggline like a maniac.

Friday: As soon as everyone was awake, dressed, and fed, we headed north to Thunderbird Mountain for a HOT family hike. It was hot. And dusty. And hot. We borrowed a baby backpack from a friend for Shyla, but she only stayed in it till we got to the top. She was hot and swea-ty when we pulled her out! And had a temper to match! So David and I took turns carrying her down. And when I wasn't holding Shyla, I was holding Paisley. My arms and back were done by the time we finally made it back to the van! We got ice cream cones from McD's, jumped in the pool, then left the house yet again. This time to The Roomstore. David and I have gone a couple times in the past month-ish and have fallen in love with a chocolate brown corduroy sectional there. We finally put a deposit on it and a high-top table with 8 chairs and will finalize payment once we close on our house. Can't wait! =) Last thing we did - movie night! David convinced me to go see Snow White and the Huntsman at the drive-in. It was slow. Despite the action, it still dragged. Paisley and Shyla slept through most of the movie, thankfully, so it was bearable.

Saturday: David's last day off for the week. We lounged around in our jamas till 11. Well, they lounged, I cleaned. But we were all in our jamas. Get it? =) Lila came over at 11 and we went to McD's for lunch. Grocery shopping afterwards, video games and dinner, then to bed on time for the first time since Tuesday!

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