Tuesday, June 26, 2012

6 Months Already??

How is my baby already 6 months old?? Time really does fly by so quickly. Here's what my sweet girl can do:
Shyla can -
- sit up on her own
- say "mama"
- grab everything and shove it into her mouth (she especially loves chewing on flip flops - eww!)
- smiles at everyone, but definately recognizes her immediate family members
- smack your face in greeting

Shyla likes -
- to be thrown in the air
- to be tickled
- to be blown on
- to eat!
- kisses and hugs
- clean diapers =)
- the cats and ferret
- water, whether it's in the pool or in the tub
Shyla's 6mo stats:
27.5in long = 95%
15lbs 6oz = 40%


Jasmine said...

Our babies are complete opposites! check out Kimball's 6 month stats on my blog.

Spazgirl said...

Haha....she almost weighs as much as Monster!! :)