Saturday, December 1, 2012


I can't believe November is gone already! It seems like we've been waiting on eggshells for a long time now and I'm really, really tired of it. I didn't decorate for Halloween or Thanksgiving because we were supposed to be moving. And our moving day keeps being delayed. I NEED TO MOVE!!! Right now we're waiting for the bank to approve the appraisal price which is $15k less than our original offer. Good for us (I like paying less), but it's taking time which I really hate. So that's all we've been doing. Waiting. And waiting some more. I just uploaded all the pics from my camera for the past month. There's 10. And then I borrowed 2 from Tai. lol Here they are:
Such a sweet, grimey face!

Papa and Amber working on a puzzle together

These girls sure love their Daddy!

These two girls had such a great time playing together. We were so happy to see Zach, Tai, & family!

What a face! lol

Why are my kids so weird??

Oh, I guess they get it from their Mama....

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