Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Just a short update on our upcoming move:
The bank approved the new purchase price. Our loan is currently with the underwriters who should call us tomorrow to set up a time to come sign the final closing paperwork. We should officially have the keys no later than Monday. Because it's a short sale, we will close by Friday, and then a couple days later get the keys. As if we haven't waited long enough....hmmm. Anyways, since we're so close, we went ahead and started painting this week. So far we (me, David's dad, a little bit David, and even a bit of Jami) have painted all 4 girly rooms (just have to finish edging Paisley's room and paint Amber's window sill) and the hallway. Tomorrow I'm finishing Paisley's room, the girls' bathroom, and hopefully the living room. The goal is to get as much of the house painted before Monday when we can start moving stuff over. Also on Monday, David and his dad will start construction on the 6th bedroom and extend the 1/2 bath into a 3/4 bath. So exciting!!! =)

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