Saturday, May 18, 2013

Happy Mother's Day To Meeee!!!

This year's Me Day was wonderful! David knew he had to work Sunday, so he gave me my present on Saturday instead - red and green grape vines, and a blueberry and pink-lemonade blueberry bush! So exciting! Sunday morning he got Amber and Jade up and they made me waffles in bed for breakfast. The girls were relatively well-behaved in church - even Shyla who only tried to join my RS piano solo twice. lol This week David and I finished relocating the fence posts and enclosed Raph. And today, we planted my new plants! David also bought me a raspberry vine and put it in the ground himself. Can't wait for them to start growing and producing yummy berries for us to eat! =)
My beautiful plants!

Can you see Raph testing his new boundaries?? And my new plants in the ground?? The pink-lemonade bush is in the front, the blueberry to the right by the wagon, the two grapes on the front fence, and the raspberry tucked in the corner of the front and side fences. Yayayaya! The dirt that's dug up is where my garden will be - right now there's a cracked pipe causing an awful lot of flooding...

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