Monday, May 20, 2013

The Girls Lately

Picture post! Here we go....
These two little girls just LOVE each other! Shyla is such a little tag-a-long, but Paisley honestly doesn't mind at all. Most days. I'm hoping they'll continue to be best buddies. 

Amber is the only clarinet player in the 5th grade band. This girl is pretty musically gifted. She plays the piano and violin at home and the clarinet at school. And she's got a pretty decent soprano! I don't think she'll be able to be in band next year though cause they're moving it to after school so she will miss the bus...

Here is Jade and David. They are working on Jade's school project. It is a model of some Native American tribe earth lodge. I'm not sure what the tribe is....but she does! I'm pretty sure she told me a couple times. But, yeah. lol Anyways, it's due tomorrow so it's a good thing David sat down to help her build it last night! It actually looks pretty amazing!

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