Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Our Fabulous Four-Day Weekend

Because David worked 17hrs Thursday (8am-2am), he took Friday off and had four whole days here at home with us! It was truly fantastic to spend so much time together! Friday was Amber and Jade's last day of school - a half day. While they were at school, David went grocery shopping with me and then we went to Home Depot for supplies for our next project. After the little girls got up from their nap, we went to the splash park. I didn't bring my camera (oops!) but do have a couple pics of Paisley and Shyla from two days before when we went for playgroup. We stopped at the store for an amazing deal on ribs (buy 1 get 3 free!) and corn on the cob (8/$1) then came home for a fast dinner before heading out for date night. I super love having a built-in babysitter! Amber being old enough to watch the kids has literally changed my life! lol

Alex and kids came Friday night and stayed with us through Sunday. Saturday, he and David fixed a cracked pipe in my garden. The leak was bad enough it created a swamp complete with mosquito larvae and black, sticky muck. Yuck! But it's all fixed and dried up now so I can start prepping the area for planting! Alex also helped us fix one of the ac units. We have two, the one in charge of the bedrooms works great while the one in charge of the public rooms needed a new condenser fan motor and bearings. For the past couple weeks, the kitchen thermostat stayed pretty steady around 83-87. But now, it's a nice, cool 77! Yay! Also on Saturday, we set up a big white sheet on the playhouse platform and watched Sandlot using Alex's projector! Soooo fun! I'm going to get some white canvas and have a permanent screen out there. It will do double duty as a bit of shade/railing for the playhouse. =) 
The culprit. Well, repaired now. Apparently the original pipe wasn't even glued in! 

My ellaborate drainage system. lol

For Memorial Day, David and I built Raph a house. While Amber and Jade picked up every piece of dog and turtle poo in the whole yard. lol I did reward them with chocolate chips and marshmallows. After the house was finished, we set to work in our neighbor's irrigation ditch. It's an empty lot (owned by the previous owner's of our home) and so full of long grass and weeds we haven't gotten much irrigation water the past 2 times. I called SRP the last time and explained the situation expecting them to contact the owner's and threaten a fine or something, but no. I was told that since it's a community-run canal system, anyone can clean it out and if it's only affecting us cause we're the end of the line, we can feel free to do something about it. Yeah, thanks for that. So we took our shovels over (and useless older girls) and dug up all the grass/weeds in the worst part. It was so full we couldn't even tell where the ditch began at first! We will finish the other half next week. For now though, we should definitely be able to get enough water to flood our whole yard!

Once that was done, I quickly ran inside, baked an apple and a peach pie, we all threw on our swimsuits, and headed to the Overton's for swimming and bbq. So. Much. Fun! I love that we are making some good friends here - especially since we are never, ever moving ever again! Hahaha!

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