Saturday, August 3, 2013

Happy Birthday, Paisley!!!

We FINALLY made it to Paisley's real birthday! After an insane week of babysitting and errands, Thursday rolled around and we all breathed just a little. Paisley had her 4yr well-check first thing in the morning - she weighed in at 28lbs (3%) and is 41in tall (75%). The NP asked me if I was concerned about her being so thin or if her previous pediatrician ever said anything about it. So I explained that that's just how my girls are built. No matter how much they eat. But she's healthy and grows and poops, so I've never been worried. lol Paisley got 2 shots (she was going to get 4 but the MMR was out of stock and she didn't need the varicella since she had chicken pox at 4mo) and then we rushed home to get ready for her Princess Party. 
First we had a tea party. I made butter and jelly mini-sandwiches and Princess Punch (pina colada mix with strawberries and water/ice)

Next they decorated princess cookies. I found a cookie cutter pack with a shoe, castle, and crown! Score!

Paisley's cookie decorating skills have improved drastically since Easter!

Present time!! 
I also found treat pops and thought they would be perfect for this princess! Amber convinced me to buy trick candles which spark - Paisley was too nervous to get very close and had a hard time blowing hard enough to blow out the candles. lol 
She did find it funny when they kept relighting, though! =)

Happy Birthday, Paisley Waisley! We sure love having you in our family!

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rozanny said...

She's so cute! Happy Birthday Paisley!