Saturday, August 24, 2013

Meet Periwinkle~

Amber sucks at saving money. She starts with a goal - in this case a parakeet - and she'll save until she only has $5 left to earn.....and then blows most of it on junk food and soda or a new book or some random toy she HAS to have. Amber's been saving for a parakeet for pretty much this entire year. And today, she finally got one! We have been going to Goodwill every other Saturday for 50% off day lately looking for a cage since there's no way she'd be able to save enough for the bird, food, toys, and a new cage. This morning, she scored a good one for $5! Woohoo! So we headed to the pet store for the food and supplies (I told her she had to have everything ready BEFORE buying the actual bird!) and found out she had enough for it all. Well, the birds were 10% off but only till Tuesday or Wednesday. I made a deal with her - I'd buy the bird, and she has to babysit for free 3 times. No matter how long David and I are gone. We shook on it and I bought her bird. 
One of the few times I've witnessed Amber willingly clean something....


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