Thursday, August 22, 2013


Paisley started preschool today! She has been over-the-moon excited for the past week and she FINALLY got to go today! She wore her new school dress, her new school shoes, her new hairbows, and her new backpack. lol The little girl I babysit is going, too, so we walked to the very end of the street - nearly 1/2 mile - to drop them both off, picked up their teacher's 2yr old (I'm babysitting her in exchange for free preschooling), walked home, then did it again 2 hours later. Paisley had a blast and was eager to show me the picture she drew of her family. =)
Ready to GO!

Shyla baby is pouting cause I didn't let her in Paisley's picture. lol

We walked alllll the way to the very end of the street! 

And I dragged 70lbs of kid along.....

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