Friday, October 18, 2013

True Story

Wednesday I got a ticket.
I was driving with my friend Katie. We were going to SAS for cheap ribbon/lace/taffeta. We passed a motorcycle cop in the median and I was telling her about the last time I was pulled over - back when I was pregnant with Paisley (I just got a warning that day). Then I saw lights behind me so I told Katie I was going to pull over to let him by. He followed me. So I pulled over knowing I wasn't speeding and didn't miss a red light or stop sign. He approached my van cautiously and seemed somewhat tense. I rolled down the passenger window - that's the side he was on - and he asked me if I knew the registration was expired. I honestly had no clue and told him so. He then asked me if I knew the person the vehicle is registered to. I thought was an interesting question and said, "Yes. It's either myself or my husband." He had me name my husband, and once I said, "David Cresap", he visibly relaxed. Apparently I look like the kind of car thief who would not only steal a minivan, but one with expired tags as well!
Anyways, like I said, my tags were expired.
In July.
Of 2012.
Yeah.....over a year ago.
I swear I never received a notice to renew them either in the mail or via email. I've always been very good about our tags!
So Wednesday evening I got onto the computer to renew my registration. I needed emission testing done. Oh for crying out loud! Thursday I went to do the testing. And failed. I need a new gas cap.
Here's where I stand at this moment:
     1. Get a gas cap
     2. Go back and do emissions testing again (for free this time)
     3. Pay for 2 years worth of registration fees
     4. Pay for my $133 ticket.
Soooo LAME!!!

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rozanny said...

Hehehe, Becca just had this happen to her on the way home from California... and she was speeding too...