Monday, October 21, 2013

Tolmacoff Farms

Saturday, Alex and his kids, us, and my BFF Katie and her family all went to have fun at Tolmacoff Farms. We went first thing in the morning (good thing, too, cause even though it was crowded while we were there, when we were leaving, the line to get in was looooong!) and enjoyed the cool day.
Kamden and Shyla playing the dry corn kernals

This huge trampoline things was awesome! David kept stealing the kids' bounce. It was hilarious to see every single child around him just drop like flies!

This cute little piggy made me want a tiny baby piggy, too!

By far, the fattest goat I've ever seen!

Walking through the corn maze.

After our fun at the farm, we went home for a pizza lunch, relaxing afternoon, and movie night (Croods) outside with the projector. 

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