Saturday, November 9, 2013

Home Improvement

Most progress on the house has come to a stop since we finished the guest room. There's still lots that needs to be done, and we even have supplies for some improvements - like retiling the kids bathroom and painting all the trim - we are just lacking in the motivation and time departments. So David and I try to get small things done every now and then. Today, I finally convinced David to move the chandelier in the living room into the kitchen and replace it with a fan. There's a fan over the pool table so it just made sense. Especially because the light over the table was a tiny, UGLY, white, flat square thing. Now it's much prettier! I also let Amber and Jade pick a knob for their bus passes to hang on cause I'm sick of them getting lost and being searched for every morning. Next year when Paisley starts kindergarten she'll be able to pick one for her own bus pass.

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