Friday, November 1, 2013

October Randoms

Lots and lots of randoms this month. Guess that's what I get for playing catch-up! Here we goooooo!
Shyla and Kamden's favorite place to play is in this nearly empty kitchen cabinet. 

Finally had this framed! It's huge! And I LOVE it!

I taught Amber how to use the trimmers and she went to town chopping all the sucker branches off the citrus trees. 

While chopping down branches, she came across this cocoon. So cool!

Little girls enjoying giant pixi-stix. 

Treat bags Amber, Jade, and Paisley took to their classes for Halloween

Poor Shy Pie got hit in the ear with our two-seater swing. The metal corner hit it just perfectly and cut all the way through. She was so brave getting it cleaned up though. Sweet baby.

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rozanny said...

I love your randoms, it really lets me get to know you and your family better. Poor Pie though... ouch!