Monday, November 18, 2013


This weekend we had the good luck to go on a mini family vacation to Tucson. We stayed with Sharon and Lance. I love them and their family! Our kids all get along so well and had such a fun time together. We learned all about super-needy sugar gliders and nearly went home with one. lol On Saturday, we went to the zoo - for free! There was some family festival thingy going on so zoo admission was free. The zoo was quite a bit smaller than the Phoenix zoo, but the animals were more accessible and were actually awake and moving around. We watched the tiger pacing in front of the glass window for awhile. Just the glass pane separating us! And we found a hot dog place in the zoo selling $1 hotdogs, $1 chips, and $1 sodas. $20 for lunch for six? At the zoo?? We'll take it! After the zoo we went out to Colossal Caves. According to my scrapbook, I've been there before as a very small girl. But I have zero memory of it so it was neat to walk through the tour. It would have been fun to explore more of the cave, but our tour guide was pretty strict. haha


This is a witch. See her nose on the top left corner? With her open mouth right under it? And she even has her cat friend with her. lol

All the different cave formations make me realize what a strange and beautiful world we live in!

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