Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

This last weekend was GREAT! David came home from San Antonio Friday night which was a surprise. We weren't expecting him till sometime Saturday. Amber was having a sleepover that night cause her best friend was moving on Sunday. They were up till 1:30am! What the heck??? We're NOT having any sleepovers again for a long, long while. So Saturday morning I made waffles and eggs for breakfast. That's a treat cause normally it's cold cereal or a bagel. We took the girls to see Night At The Museum and it was actually pretty good. When we got home, I decided it was about time to finish painting my bedroom and get it cleaned up. So I made David move our huge heavy dresser and I painted/cleaned up our office area. I got 2/3 done and had to call it quits cause my hip was hurting (stupid sciatic nerve!) plus dinner was ready. All I have left is where the computer and door are. But I cleaned up paper garbage, hung some pictures and rehung others, made a spot for our future bookcase, and sorted all the laundry...again. Sunday was quiet. We just went to church and that's pretty much it. Monday we left the house around 10, went to base so David could turn in his leave slip, then headed to Goodyear Park. At the park, there's an awesome water play area with 2 playgrounds on either side of it. Sooo much fun! We all had a blast running through the water sprays! Sorry no pics....maybe in a couple weeks I'll be able to get a new camera. Probably with my next UHaul check. On our way home, we stopped at Old Navy to get the girls some flips for the summer. I'm going to seriously save up some dough for school shoes this year. Both girls need new tennies and a pair of casual shoes each. 4 pairs of new shoes plus clothes/backpacks/supplies.......I guess it's a good thing I have a second job for the summer! Luckily, I found my FAVORITE used children's store (Once Upon A Child) in Glendale! The only one I knew of before was in Gilbert. But this one is just across the street from my doctor's office. Hooray! We'll definately be making a trip in a few weeks!
I had my 28 week visit today. I had another ultrasound and my previa has been cleared. Paisley is still breach and apparently enjoys sucking on her knee. All I can say is that she'd better flip over soon! I drank the sugary drink (they gave me fruit punch instead of orange and it wasn't so bad. At least it wasn't carbonated!) and had my Rogam shot, too. I asked my doctor about elective induction and I'm okayed to deliver 2 weeks early. So that brings my countdown to 68 days. That's coming up sooo fast! I still need cloth diapers, a car seat, stroller, CRIB, and other random baby things. Can't wait!

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Mandy said...

I had a HUGE sciatic episode this past fall- I was on bed rest for months!!! and physical therapy for months after that too!
cloth diapers- have you used them before? we're using them now- and I'm so glad my apartment has a washer and dryer! I really enjoy using fuzzie bunz- they convert from 8 lbs up to 30 lbs!!!! I got mine from ebay