Saturday, February 20, 2010

David's Grand Plan

Today David's big idea was to go to the Phoenix Swap Meet. After he dropped the kitties off to get fixed, he came home and we all got ready to go. It seemed like a good plan....go walk around the swap meet for awhile, have lunch there, buy the girls some ultra cheap junk, go pick up kitties, and head home. was pouring today. And we left the house without double checking outfit choices. We got to the swap meet and then noticed the girls were wearing warm weather clothes and flips. Hmmm....well that was obviously not gonna work. Luckily Paisley was dressed appropriately (her mother has good sense in clothes for babies) and we brought her blanket to keep her warm. And also luckily, Amber and Jade had jackets in the car. The first thing we did was find shoes for Amber and Jade. We let them pick out a pair of tennies each to keep their feet dry since the swap meet is not completely covered and there were huge puddles everywhere. After walking around for awhile, I noticed poor Paisley kept gettingdripped on so I took her out of the stroller, wrapped her up, and carried her. She was happy with that decision. For lunch the girls had corn dogs, I had a BLT, David had something with fries (a hamburger maybe?), and Paisley ate a few fries, too. We bought Amber and Jade each a bracelet, hair pretty, and sunglasses. David also got a pair for himself. Paisley thought it was fun to try them on. We ended up having fun despite the cold, wet rain.
Yeah...those are the ones Amber chose. She says they're so when she wants to pretend she's a grandma or "a weird mommy", she has a good prop. I love that girl. =)

She looks like a bug....

Featuring.....Jade - the invalid!

Cute girls on our way to pick up the kitties.

Paisley playing after her bath tonight. Yeah...I am that quick. =p She's actually playing on the floor right next to me while Amber and Jade are fighting in the shower.

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Mortensen Family said...

Aww the swap meet. We enjoy going there as well. we have a yearly tradition of going the saturday before christmas each year- tons of fun!