Saturday, February 20, 2010

Family Fun Day

Yesterday was a GREAT day. We kept the girls out of school and had a very very fun family day. It started with checking our bank account and we got our tax return. Yay! David and I had already talked about what we need and want to do with the money so we already had a plan. I got us all caught up on all our bills, paid off 2 cards, put $$ in savings, and David picked out a second car. It's a fun car. His car for school and work. He drives all over the west valley and puts a ton of miles on our family car, so he needed something with much better gas mileage and low miles so it would hopefully stay out of the repair shops for awhile. We had decided a few weeks ago that this is what we would do and since then, he's been addicted to Craigslist searching for his perfect car. And he found it! He bought a 1998 Saab 900SE Convertible with a 2.0L Turbo engine (whatever that means....). It only has 65,000 original miles on it, leather interior, 6-disc CD changer, power seats, windows, locks, convertible top, and seat warmers. Oh...did I mention it's convertible?? So cool. It's a greenish-gold color with a black top and interior. Plus, we got it for over $2000 less than KBB values it for private party. And it's FAST!
After checking the car out, we headed to McD's for lunch and then to Castles n' Coasters for miniature golf while the owner got the emission testing, licensing, registration crap done. Jade decided she didn't want to play, but had fun being the ball carrier for us. Amber had a lot of fun and even did pretty well on some holes. Unfortunately I left my camera at home cause sometimes I'm a little bit retarded. But it was fun anyways. Paisley enjoyed being outside in her stroller eating crackers and watching the girls run around the place. And the weather was GORGEOUS!! After golf, the car was ready so we swung by and dropped David off. He went and did his job and I took the girls to see Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Amber and Jade really liked it. I thought it was okay if you never read the book....which I have. Ummm....they got the characters names right and the storyline was loosely there..... It's no Harry Potter or Twilight though as far as accuracy goes. Paisley was a pill by this point as she had no nap....but only slept for maybe 10 min total. Which means a TON of squirming! Oh...and she had a hugs smelly poo. And she puked all over me. Then she rubbed her hands in it and wiped it on my face. Nice. Thanks Paisley! After the movie, we met David at home so I could clean up and then we went out to dinner. We were planning on Olive Garden cause it's my favorite, but the wait was over an hour! Forget that! So we went to Chili's and got a table instantly. Paisley was fine in her high chair as long as I gave her crackers to eat and coasters to play with. When my food came though, that's what she wanted. Really bad. So I shared my mashed potatoes with her and couldn't feed her fast enough. Jade ate her whole dinner completely all gone (which is a rarity....) and Amber almost finished hers but had a headache cause she was tired. We went home, the girls had ice cream, and they all went to bed while I got to drive Dave's new car to Fry's. Fun, fun, fun. And I didn't have to yell at the girls to stop talking and go to sleep a single time! Today David got up early and took the kittens Milo and Tiny to get fixed. I found a free mobile clinic in Phoenix so David had to get there early as it's first come, first serve with limited space. Luckily he got there in time..... And since I made him get up early on a Saturday to take them....he gets to choose today's activities.
Here's some pictures of the rooms I finally got around to finishing and cleaning. Amber and Jade's room. I painted the walls a nice cream color, repainted their old blue desk a fresh apple green and used the same paint on an old wall shelf of mine. Put up curtains, pictures, and wall stickers, and viola! Amber's bed is the one with the giant pink horse. Go figure!Jade's bed. I still need to find matching bedding for them....but it's pretty low on the list at this point.The other side of the room....obviously. =)

Paisley Pie's room. Sorry about the toys, she doesn't know how to pick them up yet. Haha!Do you like her pink poodle rocker?? David found it at my favorite used children's store. =)

I vaguely remember posting a pic of the playroom....but I don't really remember, so here it is again just in case.
My funny babyShe blinks about every time she even sees the camera. It doesn't even need to flash. She just starts blinking like crazy. Like she knows it's coming.

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