Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cousin Fun!

Yesterday, my cousin Sharon and her family came over for a very fun afternoon!
Jade, Amber, Madison, Sharon, Megan, and Weston
Even Paisley enjoyed the pool!
Haha! Love it!

While we were swimming, I brought out a bowl of grapes to snack on. Paisley really really enjoyed them! It was so funny to watch her pop one in her mouth, push it into her cheek, and try to mash it with her gums. And if it was a sour one, she spit it out and made a funny face as she shivered! Too cute!
One just isn't enough sometimes!

Shelley, Greg and Celeste, Chris, Brandon, Matt and April joined the party later on. We all had so much fun catching up, eating food, and playing Mario Wii.

Sharon's family stayed the longest....past midnight! So much fun! Just kinda wish there was a better reason for the get-together.

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Vanessa Ray said...

Aw...I hate the AZ heat but man do I LOVE swimming. :) Its a bitter sweet love! :) Cute pics