Monday, April 26, 2010

Flower Planting

I took the girls to Walmart this afternoon so they could pick out some flowers to plant in the planter boxes by our firepit. Amber chose pink carnations and pink daisies while Jade chose red geraniums....2 of them. She wanted them to match. We got home and I told the girls to take their flowers around to the back and put them either in or on top of the planter boxes cause the turtle was out grazing. Well....they didn't. I guess the smell of flowers was too tempting for Raphael. While we were inside eating dinner, he was outside eating flowers! We came out to plant and found Amber's daisies gone and one of Jade's geraniums completely out of the pot and eaten! Oh no! After many tears were shed, I promised both girls that if their flowers didn't grow back, we'd just go get new ones.


Tai said...


Look I commented agaIN!

Bowman-Blog said...

That's so funny. Poor Rafael. I'm sure he's not getting kind vibes from the girls right now. I guess he needs more variety in his diet. By the way, how did you end up with him?