Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Weekend

This Easter weekend was a strange one. Just as I was finishing my last post on Saturday, David came in and broke the news of my father passing away. I can't even begin to explain how that felt. So I won't try.

Anyways, the next day was Easter and we had planned to go over to his house for a family Easter party and I was in charge of bringing pies and candy for the candy hunt. Since the party was obviously cancelled, I had a buttload (I wonder if this is an actual measurement......) of candy so I pretty much just dumped it all in the girl's baskets. Easter morning was a happy morning for half of the household members. I pretty much didn't care about anything that whole day and Amber and Jade enjoyed eating unlimited amounts of candy....until that evening when their tummy's felt it. David and I ended up dropping the girls off at my aunt's house and we took Paisley with us to my dad's to see what we could do to help out.

Monday we kept the girls home from school. Jami wanted us to bring them over so she could give them their Easter baskets and have their candy hunt. So we headed over around lunchtime. Amber and Jade loved their baskets full of fun toys and had a blast finding candy all over the backyard. They also really liked swimming in the pool my dad had bought for them and their cousin Van.

Oh... On Sunday when we picked Amber and Jade up from my aunt's, we also picked up my brother's tortoise and took him home with us. So Raphael is now happily living in our backyard. =)
He made his burrow under our pool fence!
Amber thought it'd be funny to color on his shell with Easter chalk. And it was!

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Katie said...

It must be so much fun to have a turtle in your backyard! We had some bunnies we let go in our backyard and it was always so fun to see them pop out here and there.