Friday, April 16, 2010

In The Tub

Paisley is finally old enough, stable enough, and used to playing in the tub enough to take baths with her sisters. We tried this a few months back....but it lasted, oh, 10 seconds before Pie freaked out and had to be removed. Tonight it lasted a good 10 minutes before the oldest (yes, the oldest) freaked out and had to be removed. Haha! All because Jade dumped water on her. Wait a second - I thought they were in the with water..... Sometimes my oldest is quite dramatic. Anyways, at least I got a couple cute pictures of them smiling before the real water works were turned on! BTW - I'm thinking Amber's getting a bit too big to play in the tub. At least with her sisters.

I know this pic is random for the post but I had to include it. I had these sheers in my old master bedroom under chocolate drapes. But I'm using different colors in my new master bedroom and didn't have a spot for these. However, my family room has always been blue and yellow and since it connects to the dining room with yellow curtains, I thought I'd make these into door panels and tie the two rooms together. It just so happened I had gold tassels to match! Bonus! I need to pull the bottom tighter on the right side, but it works for now. Maybe I'll get sick of it being loose and fix it. But for now....I'm just happy they're up. =D


Tai said...

Um...I didnt even realize you had two windows to put curtains on...wait...did we already have this conversation??? haha

Look Lissa! I posted a comment!

Becca said...

haha love the girls in the tub. super cute!

love love your curtains. they look fantastic. way to go. I'll have to get some decor ideas from you.

and holy load of movies, batman. I would own a lot, but James had a hard time watching movies more than once, so he doesn't get the purpose in buying them. ha.