Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More....Just More

Ugh. I don't think I really realized what exactly I was getting myself into when I decided to sew for ebay. I've now raised my prices twice...and orders just keep coming! Good grief!! Maybe it's just me - but I just don't see WHY anyone would pay $70+shipping for a Halloween costume for a 1 year old. The darn kid is only going to wear it once! Anyways, I've completed 13 costumes and have 9 orders waiting. Still mostly Little Bo Peep and Red Riding Hood (and I'm not posting more pics of either of those!), but I've also done Woody and Jessie from Toy Story (which of course I forgot to take pics of!), 2 Silvermists from Tinkerbell, I'm working on Glinda from Wizard of Oz now, and have a fancy Princess, another pirate, and a Musketeer to look forward to. Bo and Red are nice though cause I can whip them out pretty fast. And they're very inexpensive to make. But BORING! lol Here's a Silvermist modeled by the lovely, leggy Amber. =)
Here's the pretty girl! I need to make another Silvermist for Jade still, but really really need to get caught up on orders first! BTW - I am NOT lovin glitter satin. It's a big ol' pain in my behind! And so is invisible thread. I seriously wanted to chuck my machine out the window today finishing the wings.

But at least they turned out pretty....and my machine was not injured in any way.


Amber said...

LOL!!! Good to know you restrained yourself from throwing it out the window. =) I know that feeling all too well. The costume looks gorgeous!

Mostly Diane said...

Wow!!! It is great that your business is doing so amazingly well. Good job!

Lani said...

It's crazy what people will pay for things. But, raising your prices will be great for you, once the work is done. You're amazing!

ballerina girl said...

Holy Hanna, $70! Awesome.