Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baby Update

Well....I'm just about 4 months along now. And still no real visible baby bump. This is the smallest I've been this far along with any of my babies. Which I'm totally fine with. My babies get smaller each time - which I'm also okay with. I finally got to hear it's little heartbeat this past Tuesday. For some reason, this was the first visit my doctor even tried to find it. I think that's weird. Cause with the other three, it seems that was one of the things done at the first several visits. But my little blob's heart is working! Yay! lol I have my appt for my second trimester ultrasound on Aug 12th. That's the big one where we get to find out if we're having a boy or a girl. So stay tuned for that. Other than that, nothing new. Haven't felt the little shrimp move yet, I've gained 5lbs, and the summer heat is killing me - but that's not related to my pregnancy. I've always hated summers here. Okay - so, to sum this post up: nothing new, no moving yet, heart works, watch for Aug 12th post. =)


Lani said...

Hi Melissa! My official due date is Jan 12th, so I'm not too far behind- how fun! I'm also smaller (nice!) and and haven't felt the baby move yet, but have seen s/he moving and heart working. Still, I like feeling the baby move, and I felt it earlier with my other babies. Excited for your next ultrasound! :)

rozanny said...

I'll keep watching! You make such cute girls and if it's a boy, your girls are sure to dote on him like nothing else!