Sunday, July 17, 2011

Family Fun and Swimming Lessons

We've really enjoyed having Tera and Dave in town these past couple weeks! Last Wednesday, we all headed over to Zach and Tai's house to visit and see their new baby, Amaia. What a little cutie! Fresh babies are always so fun to snuggle. Can't wait till I have my own! =)

David is apparently gonna eat the baby....

Towards the end of the evening, all the kids (there was 11 of them!) were getting pretty loud and wild, to Tera sent them outside and challenged them to build the best rock/trach castle. This one was Jade's.

And this one was Amber's.

And now here are some fun pictures from the girls' last day of swimming lessons for this summer:

I never was able to convince Paisley's teacher she was able to swim.....I may have to bring video proof of it for her teacher next year.

Amber was BRAVE to dive off the diving board!

And I'm proud of Jaders for jumping off at all! She was terrified!!

K - time for a couple more family fun pics. Just my family, though. Yesterday morning, Amber got David to go outside and play some basketball. Both Amber and Jade made a couple baskets - which I of course did not get pictures of. Oh, well!

After shooting a couple baskets to warm up, they started playing a game. It didn't last very long - the water works started pretty quickly. Someday my girls will stop being so wimpy.....maybe. lol

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