Saturday, July 23, 2011

More Cousin Fun

Yesterday was such a fun day with family! Tera, Dave & co. along with Zach, Tai & co. came to swim and visit. Before Zach and Tai got here, the older kids had a blast chicken fighting in the pool. It was so hilarious watching them trying to knock their cousin down into the water! And I'm proud to say my girls won against their cousins. lol Gooooo, Cresap girls!! =)
Amber and Faith. At one point, it seemed like Amber was trying to drown poor Faith! This match-up took awhile to have a winner, but after a little "help" from David (in the form of tickling Faith) Amber finally knocked her off Dave's shoulders.

Jade and Hope. These two girls were a good match - only 1 month apart in age and basically the same size. Jade nearly lost her swimsuit, but managed to drag Hope into the water in the end.

While I was taking pictures, Amber was good enough to help keep Paisley from drowning herself.

We even had a visit from Julia Roberts! lol

Courage and Faith. These siblings were both determined not to let the other win! David and Dave were in danger of making out at times! Hahaha

This is not a swimming picture. But it is something Paisley LOVES to do everyday. This poor cat is declawed and has no basic survival skills whatsoever which makes her an easy target for all the little kids to pick up and carry drag around the house. She just cries and licks her torturers. Ooooo....scary!

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