Monday, August 22, 2011

How David Saved the Day

So I started sewing for Shyla. You'd think after 3 girls - and sharing clothes with  my sis-in-law who also has 3 girls - there'd be plenty of clothes to go around. Well, there isn't. This is because of the 6 1/2 girls between us, Amber is the only other winter baby. And since we were dirt poor when Amber was born and it was nearly 10 years ago, there's not many of her baby things that were worth saving year after year after year. So all the "new" cute baby clothes are for warm weather. And this is why Shyla has pretty much nada to wear and why I'm sewing for her already. The first thing I made is baby bunting. It's like a miniature baby sleeping bag with a hood. Because I refuse to turn the heater on during the winter so our house can be pretty dang cold. I'm talking 54 in the mornings. Brrrr! (and yes, I know all you from up north are laughing at me....but 54 in the house is COLD to us here in Az!) The great thing about the bunting is I didn't buy any new fabric for it. I used light blue fleece leftover from pj bottoms I made last year and leftover cotton from some dress or top I made one of the girls at some point. And the binding I had in my supply box from last year's Halloween costume fiasco. The problem was this: I didn't start sewing till late afternoon, took a break to make dinner, play with the girls and get them to bed, then didn't continue till like 8pm.....after my brain was 1/2 gone. I didn't have any problems till the very end. And then my brain really shut off for good and I could NOT make any sense of the directions at all! Let me tell ya - this never happens to me! Ever!! So I put it down for the night and decided to sleep on it and maybe I'd get some inspiration on how to finish the darn thing while I slept. As I talked to David about it, he decided he wanted to take a look at the instructions. After a lot of resistance on my part, I finally gave him the instructions and the bunting. And after much arguing and explaining why certain things wouldn't work, and a lot of debate on how to make it work, he helped me see the light and I was able to finish with no more problems. Thanks for talking me through it, Dave! =)

I got to #16 and that's when I complete lost it. lol

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Diane said...

Actually I think 54 degrees is rather frigid. We heat our house to 72, and cool it to 77. We are wimpy when it comes to temperature.

Your bunting is very pretty!