Thursday, October 13, 2011

Long Overdue

A couple excuses reasons why I've neglected my blog lately:
1. Until recently, I had no camera. Thus, no cute pictures to post.
2. We are really boring and everyday is basically the same as the last.
3. I've been lazy. And busy. At the same time. Make sense? You know it does...
4. My computer is sooooo super duper retarded. There's some major issues with it.

K - so these are my legitimate reasons. But they don't all apply anymore, so I guess I'd better get caught up. Last weekend, David was so sweet and bought me a new camera! I wasn't planning on getting one for a couple more weeks, but he insisted and in truth, didn't really have to twist my arm too much. =) So after a morning of yardwork and organizing the carport and shed, he had the idea to go miniature golfing at Castles n' Coasters. I mentioned how I wished I had a camera, and ta-dah! We stopped at Sears and picked one out. I got a Nikon CoolPix S4100. It's plum. And it was $50 off. Yay! After golfing we got frozen yogurt for dinner and picked up a pizza for dessert. Amber and Jade thought it was pretty silly. So that was our fun family Saturday.

On Monday, Amber and Jade were home from school for Columbus Day so we cleaned up the backyard and fixed their bikes (they both needed some grease in the chain). After scrubbing and scrubbing turtle poop/pee off the porch, I expressed my frustration to David about how the dumb turtle always comes and does his business on the porch and makes it too gross for the girls to play outside. And being the sweet guy he is, David built a turtle barrier around the porch! He used the boards we bought for my garden that we never were able to fill with dirt so it didn't even cost anything. The boards are a foot tall so Raphael can't climb over them. The most he can do is pace back and forth and stare longingly into the porch. lol I also told David that since we're taking away his shade, we should build him some kind of shelter. So he used the broken tiki torches and an old cardboard box to build Raph a house - which is used every afternoon and night! Success!

Next up - costumes. So I was looking at my blog from this time last year and realized I did the most sewing at the end of September/beginning of October. This year I've been pretty dissapointed with the lack of orders. As of today, I've only had 6. Last year at this point, I'd had like 30ish. I guess the economy is hurting more people this year than last. Thankfully, we've done all right this year and aren't super struggling like we were last year. I don't have any new costume pics to post as I didn't have a camera till Saturday and I haven't completed any costumes between then and now. But I will shortly. I'm 90% done with my own girls' costumes. And on Monday I'll start working on a lion and Little Red Riding Hood.

K - now here's just some random pics that don't really have stories with them. Other than I have cute kids...
Sleeper blankets and hats for Shyla

And some cute shoes

My cute 2yr old licking the beater

David and Jade helping Amber stretch for her cross country meet

While I cook dinner, Paisley enjoys playing in the sink

Amber has been learning more about cooking lately. She's great about helping cut veggies!

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Ahh, I love how helpful Amber is in the kitchen. At least in cooking...