Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Paisley's Imagination

For a two-yr old, I think Paisley has a great imagination! This morning I was in my room getting dressed while she was in the family room using washclothes as blankets for her baby and a unicorn. All the sudden, she's running into my room yelling about a dragon outside. She hides behind my legs, and keeps saying, "Dragon outside, Mommy! Outside! Dragon! Oooo, scary dragon outside! Hurry! Hide, Mommy!" hahahaha So I play along. Then she whispers, "What was that? Hear that, Mommy? Shhh....hear that? Is dragon gone? Go away, dragon!" She takes my hand and pulls me out into the hallway, stops and listens for a minute, then starts cheering cause the dragon was gone. We get about halfway down the hall when she stops and says, "Oh, no! Baby dragon outside! Baby dragon coming! Hide, Mommy! Baby dragon! Oh, no! Blanket! No, dragon! Paisley's blanket!" And she ran into the family room to save her blanket from the baby dragon. What a silly girl!

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