Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some Crafting/Sewing

Here's some recent projects:
These are two of the costumes I sold this year. I was very disappointed with how few I made - I was planning on having the extra $$ for Christmas presents. But I only sold 10. Sad. On a side note, 3 of them were repeat business from last year, so I guess that's good.... 

I was not super thrilled with how the lion costumes turned out. There were two of them and no, it's not supposed to fit Amber. It should be on Jade, but she refused to let me take a picture. Anyways, the costume itself is fine, but I couldn't find fur the right length/color so it frustrated me. I went to 3 different stores! Good grief!

Shyla's baby blanket

Adjustable doll diapers to fit multiple-sized bottoms

These are cute little pouches. The roof flips open like a flap. I'm using one for Paisley's paper and crayons at church. =)

I LOVE this skirt! I used a scrap of fabric for the skirt part and some tulle I had laying around for the fluff. Made the waistband adjustable - just pull the ribbons and tie!

As you can see, Paisley adores her caterpillar jamas. She freaks out every time I pull them out of her drawer to wear!

I haven't sewn anything for Amber and Jade lately, but will be making new dress-ups for both of them for Christmas. Plus Christmas dresses. Besides, they don't grow as quickly anymore or wear stuff out as fast.

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Diane said...

You are so creative. I love those pajamas!