Sunday, October 30, 2011


This year for our ward's Fall Festival, we decided (well, really it was David's idea....) to build a tent for the trunk-or-treat. And since we were all to be dressed as Mario characters, we felt there was really only one option for the theme of our tent: Mario World! lol After hours and hours of work creating different scenes from the game, building the darn tent, finding the right music, and then actually putting it all together in the parking lot, I really think everyone liked it. At least I know I sure did! We even brought Raphael, our tortoise, to be Bowser! haha Here's some pics from our fun night:
Mario was pretty excited about all the sugar!

An "easy" level at the entrance to the tent. Like my koopa? I really do! Jump high to get the Star Coin!

A strawberry plant came out of the tube when David pulled the rope. He even made it so it came forward at the kids!

Watch out for the ghosts!

Bowser! Now the strobe light is on so it's doing funny things to my camera. Paisley Mario was really excited to see Raphael Bowser in the tent!

Uh....the koopa's gonna bite your bottom!

Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Bowser

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