Saturday, December 31, 2011

Minivan and More Shyla Pics

Here we go - another incredibly creative blog title. Goooo, me! On Wednesday, I was released from the hospital with strict rules about what I can and cannot do for the next 2 weeks. When David picked Shyla and I up, he also brought the other 3 girls. Well, we drive a small suv with only 5 seats. So Amber and Jade were forced to squish into one seat. I literally had to shove Jade in and slam the door before she fell back out. It was a very tight squeeze. For the past month, David has been trying to sell his Saab on craigslist with no luck. We were relying on the sale of his car for the money to buy a minivan and since that didn't work, David and I decided we were just going to have to trade in the Santa Fe and deal with keeping a car payment (we were soooo close to paying it off!). After dropping all of us girls off at home, David went to find us a good deal. And he did! He came home with a 2007 Chrysler Town and Country Touring model - my absolute #1 dream van! I about screamed from excitement! And not only did I get my dream van, but our payment is actually about $70 less than what we've been paying on the Santa Fe. Our interest rate went from 14.7% to 4.5% and it's only a 4yr loan. David got a warrantee to cover the length of the loan - one that covers absolutely every part of the van: the ac, power seats/windows/doors, transmission, everything, free oil changes for 2 years, and free exterior detailing every 6 months. Town and Country is known for their awesome stow n' go seating and it does totally rock! Since we need all the seats up for our family, we can use the seat storage to hold whatever we need it to. I'm so very excited to actually be able to drive it in 8 days!
David and I have owned around 13 vehicles total throughout our marriage - 7 were white. I'm sooooo glad my dream van is NOT! =)

And here's some more ultra-adorable cute pictures of our new sweet baby sister:
The nursery used something sticky - probably karo syrup - to stick the red bow on her head when they cleaned her up for me. I wish they hadn't though cause it made it difficult to breathe her baby smell... You can see in this pic how red her fuzz looks

The tail-end of a yawn

Can you see how looooong her foot is?? It's pretty hard getting them into her footie jammies!

Paisley thinks she's big stuff cause she's the only one touching Shyla =)

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