Sunday, April 8, 2012

Super Saturday

We had such a great day yesterday! Even though Paisley spent the day with a lowgrade fever (99.4-100.1), we still had a fun time. We met up with Lila, her fiance David, and his daughter's family at a park for a picnic lunch. The kids all colored eggs, played with Lila's dog, had fun on the playground, and went on an egg hunt. Lila and her David stuffed $1 in every plastic egg, so every kid ended up with $15! How nice is that?? The girls had fun afterwards at Walmart deciding what to buy. Amber was planning on getting a kickball, but decided not to. She ended up buying a small container of mini Chips Ahoy's and Uno. Jade spent her money on sunglasses (Cheetah Girl lol) and a 10 pack of lipgloss. Such a girl. haha Paisley used all her money and bought a 10 pack of playdough and 3 different plastic food sets. We also went to see Mirror, Mirror at the drive-in. Paisley and Amber both fell asleep midway through. I don't know why Amber did - the movie was quite entertaining. And today is Easter! So far Paisley's the only one up....but she discovered her Easter basket pretty quickly! =) Earlier in the week, we recieved a mysterious package from Grandma and Bobo. Inside, the girls found purses filled with Easter treats and toys for each of them! I'm totally gonna be a fun grandma like that someday!