Sunday, April 1, 2012

Last Week of March

We've had a pretty great last week of March. I'm sad to see it go.....but am excited for the coming months! First, some pretty great news. Ready for it?? DAVID GOT A JOB!!!!! We are sooooo thrilled that he will be working as a nurse very soon! This means we can finally buy another house. One big enough for all of us and our future little ones. Can't wait! =)
K - back to this past week. First, I LOVE all my girls dressed up for church! They are so beautiful!

This is how Paisley and Shyla spend the morning. Best friends already!

I made these cute dresses for a friend's baby shower. I'm going to make a matching cow dress for Shyla and Paisley. I think they're adorable!

We went to the drive-in on Friday night. The backseat of the van flips backwards. Pretty fun! Shyla just slept pretty much the entire time in her fancy schmancy pack-n-play David bought her. She's the first of all our girls to have a new one! lol

This is my girls and me sitting in the giant circle chair I WILL own someday. Soooo comfy!

We met up with Jami and Dane at As You Wish in Mesa for some painting fun! Can't wait to see how they turn out! Paisley has at least 10 layers of paint on her puppy. She just kept painting it over and over and over. lol David "helped" Jade with her mermaid. I really want to make a giant platter like Jami did sometime. Like really bad. I don't have a big platter. I told David we're going to go there for our anniversary this year and painting plates or something fun.

On our way home, we stopped at Bahama Bucks for our favorite shaved ice. It was funny cause David ordered, "Half pina colada, half pineapple and coconut." The girl responded, "Uh, sorry, but we can actually only do two flavors...." Hahahahaha!!!!! Dave and I about died laughing! Talk about a blonde moment! This morning I woke up super early to Amber yelling, "Jade's puking! She's puking a lot! Jade's puking on the floor!" Yikes! I quickly jumped out of bed and found Jade staning in the middle of the room over a puddle of bright blue barf. Bright blue. Yeah, she had blue raspberry shaved ice last night. It was really, really blue. So that was fun. And that's how our week went! Happy April 1st!

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