Monday, April 9, 2012


What a wonderful Easter Sunday we had yesterday! Paisley was the first of the kids to wake up and was so excited to see her basket full of goodies at her spot on the table. Jade came out awhile later, wished me a Happy Easter, then sat on the couch. I had to remind her of her basket! lol Then Amber did the exact same thing! know your kids are getting old when they don't even remember about the Easter Bunny anymore! After a crazy morning trying to get everyone showered and ready for church, baking shortcake and blackberry pie for dessert, and making breakfast and lunch, I took a moment to get a picture of my pretty Easter girls on our way out the door.

We headed to Mesa to have Easter dinner with Jami and Duane. The girls (and Grandma and Grandpa Robertson!) had a fun egg hunt and found a couple $$ in some eggs. Amber and Jade even got special eggs and won cool crafting prizes from Nana! Dinner was delicious and it was fun spending time with family on such a special day.

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Bowman-Blog said...

Cute cute girls, Lissa! I miss them!