Friday, October 5, 2012


WE'RE FINALLY MOVING!!!! Let the celebration begin! =) It sure took us a loooong time to give up on the west valley and look eastwards.....but Heavenly Father got through to us and apparently we're needed in Mesa. On a whim we did a home search and included most of the east valley and the most perfect house popped up - in our price range! 4000sqft, 6 bed/3 bath, BASEMENT, 3/4 acre, and just 1 mile from the temple! The house was bought in June by an investors group and completely renovated. The kitchen and bathrooms are brand new, granite countertops, brand new flooring (and not the ugly cheap-o carpet, but the nice soft fluffy stuff!), new light fixtures. There's a huge bay window in the huge front room (21'x34'), 3 bed/2 bath on the main floor and 3 bed/1 bath in the basement. A kitchen on both floors and a large pantry downstairs. There are lots of various citrus trees and with 3/4 of an acre, plenty of space for a garden. If everything continues smoothly, we will close on November 1st and begin moving in! I can't wait!!!


Allison and Mason: said...

That is BEAUTIFUL!! I am so happy for you!!!

ballerina girl said...

Awesome! I love how big and open it looks, congrats!