Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Festival

This year, David and I were asked to be in charge of our ward's Fall Festival. It's kind of a big deal as it's the most well-attended activity of the ward. We were pretty stressed out these past couple weeks trying to get it together, but it happened and actually turned out pretty good! Seems like everyone had a good time, there was plenty of food and candy, popcorn, cupcakes, and a train ride! We were even under budget. =) I wasn't able to take many pictures, and didn't even get to sample any of the chili because I was too busy making sure everyone had what they needed (plus a couple runs to the building to take Paisley potty). Thankfully, Paisley and Shyla were both well-behaved and happy. Shyla didn't mind being passed around and Paisley stayed on the field. Amber and Jade had a blast running around with their friends (and catching grasshoppers!) and David drove the train for awhile. I even had prizes for the chili winners! Here's the pics I was able to get:
Everyone thought Amber's hair was a wig! It was sooo big and frizzy!

Little Miss Alice couldn't resist digging in the red dirt all night....

Ran out of time to make Shyla's costume so I just got her a blue sweatsuit and called it a day. She's Absalom (the blue caterpillar)

Jade FINALLY won a cupcake at the cakewalk!

Amber NOT eating a grasshopper. lol

David The Knave driving the train

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